Our Mission

About the Georgia Wind Working Group

Photo courtesy of NREL.

The Georgia Wind Working Group is working to advance wind activities throughout the state by providing general public education and technical outreach, targeted stakeholder outreach, hosting wind workshops, developing state specific literature, and providing presentations at key events.

The Georgia Wind Working Group started in Spring 2005 through a partnership involving Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Georgia Institute of Technology's Strategic Energy Institute, and the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.

 The group consists of over 80 individuals, representing utility companies, wind developers, government agencies, universities, and other interested stakeholders.

 Activities of the Georgia Wind Working Group (GWWG) focus on educating the public on offshore and onshore wind energy in Georgia through development and dissemination of outreach materials, including fact sheets and FAQs for North Georgia and coastal green developers, county commissioners, educators, and potential wind project host communities.

 The group also provides technical assistance and resources to interested landowners, local government officials, and schools interested in developing Wind For Schools programs.

 The GWWG hosts public forums and community leader meetings that are kept up to date on this website. Stay tuned to the website for information on these events.